How does it work?

Easy, click on the quote me now button and follow the instructions

Is it really £1 per week?

Yes, honestly, it is £1 per week per item you store- see you didn’t believe us did you?

Is there a minimum amount?

No, you can store 1 item big or small for as short or as long as you like

Is there a maximum amount?

No, you can store for 1 week or 10 years we really don’t mind?

What is an item?

An item is something that can be easily carried by one person, for example a box, a bicycle or a small TV

Do you pack boxes for me?

Yes for a small fee we can pack your boxes.

What if my item is big?

No problem, just select large item when booking your storage

What is a large item?

A large item is something that can be easily carried by two people, for example a large TV, a bed or a chest of drawers

Do large items need to be empty?

Yes, any furniture items must be empty.

Do you protect large items?

Yes for a small fee we can protect your furniture.

Are boxes really free?

Yes and they are really good quality too, all we ask is that you use them for packing the items you are bringing into store.

Is there anything I cannot store?

Please do not store paints, flammables, chemicals, liquids, batteries, take batteries out of battery operated items.

How do I pay?

Easy, you must pay by debit or credit card only, we charge 4 weekly in advance?

Do you charge for debit or credit cards?

Only for credit cards and we charge 3% per transaction.

What if I have paid for 4 weeks but only stay in storage 1 day?

No problem, we will fully refund for the 3 weeks you haven’t used our storage.

Can I bring my items to you store2 ?

yes, See map for directions to us.

Can you collect?

Yes, just use the pickup option and it costs you just £3 per item, large items cost more.

Can you deliver?

Yes, just use the delivery option and it costs you just £3 per item, large items cost more.

Do you insure?

yes it is easy, £0.50p per £1000 value per week, minimum charge £0.50p per week

Can we trust you?

Yes, we are part of Anchor Removals Ltd, they are a member of the British Association of Removers,
we have a consumer code of practice that is both recognised and monitored by Trading Standards
We are also a Which? Trusted Trader

Do you need any information from me?

Yes, you must provide an address and contact telephone number where you are can be contacted throughout your time with us.

What if i give you wrong details?

We will check your details prior to collection, if they don’t check out your collection will be cancelled.

What if I don’t pay my bill on time? Please select how many items you want to store with ushelp

You will be contacted to pay your bill. Please be aware any invoice that isn’t paid on time can result in
your goods being disposed of or sold.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please click here to see our terms and conditions.