For optimal packing:

Leave no unused space for movement. Pack full.
If your box rattles when shaken, it’s not ready and pack delicate items well.

Glassware / Crockery
Isolate every item with thick card or bubble wrapping. and put thick padding between
all stacked items. Keep Items together tightly in original packaging if available.

Electrical Items
if possible use the original packing for best protection and pack well

Prohibited Items
We cannot store drugs.
Liquids of ANY kind. This includes: Shampoo, toiletries, and beauty products, Food/drink products. Printer cartridges, Aerosols, Fuels, liquid or solid, Lighters or Gas canisters.
No Batteries or other combustibles, please remove batteries from electrical items.

We cannot insure jewelry and collectibles:
Watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, Antiques, portraits, Works of art, Money

Our Boxes
Standard boxes are:

37cm height
55cm Length
39cm Width
Max weight 30kg

ideal for General items.